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Our Goal
THORGEON has a wide range of more than 400 products.

That includes Energy meters, Illumination cables, Emergency lighting, LED panels, Reflector lamps, Halogen lamps, Metal-halide lamps, Sodium lamps, LED Bulbs, LED strip lights, Mercury lamps, Special standard lamps, Ceiling lights, Waterproof luminaires, Streetlights, Highbays, Downlights, Floodlights, Flashlights, Wall luminaires, Table lamps, Circuit breakers, Sensors, Dimmers, Ties and other.

The company's annual turnover is more than 25 million euros.
Develop a new innovative platform that combines absolutely all the processes of parking your fleet
Dedicated team:
7 people. (5 back-end devs, 1 front-end, 1 UX/UI designer)
What we've made
We are among the CRM system for full automated management of private fleets.

The system keeps track of finances, travel schedules for each car and driver, calculation of financial accruals for drivers, tracking cars in Live mode, integration with Bolt, Uber, Uklon.

The system fully optimizes the workload of cars, helps to see the idle time of the car or ineffective processes in time.
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A new innovative platform that combines absolutely all processes of managing your fleet
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