Hypnative - the most outstanding marketplace for handmade items of all kinds in Australia

Our Goal
The idea of a customer is to establish a new business on the unification of handmade producers into a single platform. Our goal was to invent and implement an original and innovative design which will cause the admiration of creative people; just to highlight the client from other competitors in the Australia and world market.
What we've made
Based on depth analysis of the global market in this direction was invented and implemented the original eCommerce website design. With an original design and quality following proper functionality to all expectations and requirements of the client. We adjusted it to satisfy all the needs and integrated Australian Post API to deliver best UX.  Also, we have modified the home page based on the UX requirements, draw the icons and configure the languages catch to display in different European countries.

We had a task to create a logo, light, slick and modern website design.

A chosen concept perfectly fits the theme character and its freedom that unites creative people in one place and space in which they can sell handmade items with the pleasure.

The large HD photos and an air interface conveys author's’ passion making the visiting of the website more appealable and prolific.

There were everything perfectly designed: not only the interface of the site but the concept of positioning from banners in the footer position of the website.

The banner alters regularly images to individual icons and e-mail posting. By designing explicit appearance, we never forget about users, and that is why we created a sophisticated and functional personal account panel that plays a significant role in shopping. Every single page was accurately researched and thoroughly executed by our UX professionals following the prototypes tested by our Marketing and Test Department. Hypnative is an excellent project.
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