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High speed
Approximately 40% of website visitors close them if the web page has not loaded within three seconds. 75% do not return to the websites that take longer than four seconds to load. That's why we pay special attention to the website loading speed. To do this we minimize HTTP-requests, reduce server response time, CDNs use, etc.
Why choosing our websites
We use modern practices to ensure that our web solutions are compatible with all devices and browsers. Web development teams work with adaptive style sheets, CSS frameworks, JavaScript libraries, etc.
User-friendly interface
A properly designed interface helps users spend a minimum time searching for what they're looking for. Simple navigation, easy-to-understand menus, F-template content, breadcrumbs, interactive elements, drop-down lists and more help make the site not just good, but one that the end user will love. While working on the site's interface, we apply "intuitive navigation" to help our clients retain users for a long time.
Functional SEO
We guarantee first places in search results, which makes it easy for your customers to click through to the website. We develop web solutions that ensure your visibility in search, and increase the crawling and indexing speed of your site.
Visitor retention
Deep interaction with the site is what every business strives for. A resource needs to be interactive, because that's what helps retain users. We know how to achieve a balance between interactivity and comfort. Our experts will help you develop your idea and create a solution that will 100% increase engagement.
Work in the cloud
Using cloud storage lowers operational costs and makes the site "light". It allows you to reduce the load on the site, synchronize used content between web-hosting and speed up page rendering in the browser. In our work we use a number of applications: Amazon S3, Google Cloud Storage, Windows Azure, Rackspace.
Stability and high perfomance
A website is the product that creates the connection between you and your customers. With its help you create the first impression of your business. That's why you need a reliable website that will demonstrate stable performance, uninterruptedness and fast speed. It should also be compatible with all devices. Our team guarantees you all of the above.
Our web development
Requirements analysis
ITDEV business analysts collect business requirements relating to project goals, product specifications, and potential users. As a result, a Software Requirements Specification (SRS) is introduced.
Our specialists determine hardware and software requirements, as well as the overall architecture. We generate sketches and mockups, visualizing the product in detail.
Design process
This is the main part of website development. This is where the web development team writes the code. If the project is large, our project managers break it down into parts and share intermediate results with the client in real time.
This is the main part of the process of website creation. At this stage the web development team writes the code. If the project is large, our project managers break it down into parts and share intermediate results with the client in real time.
Product testing
Product testing is an important stage of development, since it allows checking whether everything works as it should, according to the requirements. We use manual and automated testing. Monitoring is carried out at all levels: Unit, Integration, System, Release and Acceptance Testing.
Project handover
At this step we hand over the product to the customer with the entire documentation package, system description and user manual.
Customer support
We are always  ready to promptly handle requests from website users or our customers to implement improvements.
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